I have been trying to identify a mushroom I collected in the nearby forest, and while I think I have it identified, it seems to have a couple of names and I am confused about which grouping is correct.

According to one site, the mushroom is Boletus Chrysenteron :http://www.mycokey.org/result.shtml?genSpec=Species&ID=213&showList=DropDown&random=11837

According to Wikipedia it is Xerocomellus Chrysenteron (picture on right) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xerocomellus

But the info suggests that this Xerocomellus group is relatively new and belongs to the family Bolataceae.

Are these two different mushrooms (Xerocomellus Chrysenteron and Boletus Chrysenteron)? Or is it that the mushroom is now in a new group?


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As you will see in the Species section of the Wikipedia Xerocomellus genus page you linked, Xerocomellus chrysenteron has a basionym (original name) of Boletus chrysenteron. The Xerocomellus genus was first described in 2008. The Wikipedia page for the X. chrysenteron species similarly gives three synonyms for X. chrysenteron in the box at the top; among them is Boletus chrysenteron Bull. (1789). Thus the two names are referring to the same mushroom species.

One should note that Wikipedia says about this species:

Macroscopic observation of Xerocomellus chrysenteron is not sufficient to determine this species with certainty, as many intermediate forms occur between it and other taxa

It appears from this that correct identification of a mushroom as being X. chrysenteron is not a trivial task.


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