On one of my recent trips i found some broken bone pieces, probably from a rabbit. Then i put myself on the mind of a paleontologist and i was curious on how could one person clasiffy bone shards, for example when doing one reconstruction of an animal of those we see in musseums.

I suppose the first thing to consider is the kind of animals that populate the zone of the finding, so for example if it is a big bone on a cow field we might conclude it's probably a cow bone, or maybe a little hollow bone could correspond to a bird.

But once we know it may be a cow bone, how could indentify which bone corresponds to the piece to? Are there any signs we can use to know if a piece of bone came from a femur rather than the fibula? As far as i know, the only marks on the bone are the blood vessel insertion points on the bone, but could we use that to identify the bone?

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