I have some questions regarding the process of Protein folding. These are the following:

  • Are there existing Protein folding processes, where only a few seconds after completed folding a Protein denaturation occurs? In other words, is it possible that after a folding of Proteins, an unfolding takes place after a few seconds? If yes, under which conditions? My opinion: If a backwards reaction beside the Forward reaction is also allowed, this will be a condition, but are there some other conditions?
  • Say we have a cell where the Protein biosynthesis does take place. Will the folding to a native Protein take place in the same or only in neighboring cells? Or can the folding take place far away from the cell that synthetized the Protein?
  • How Long can protein macromolecules be (in a stretched, non-folded state) before These are folded?

An answer would be greatly appreciated.


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