I read the following claims about how to consume garlic:

  • Consume immediately after crushing since the active compounds (allicin) is volatile and gets oxidized as soon as it's crushed
  • Allow to sit 10 minutes after crushing to allow time for allicin to form
  • Do not change the PH of garlic (i.e. mix with acid/lemon) in order not to disrupt the formation of allicin, during those 10 minutes
  • Allicin is completely lost within 20 minutes after crushing

If so:

  1. Which of those claims is true? Is the wait-10-minutes practice is only recommended before heating the garlic? i.e. should you wait at all after crushing, when you consume it raw? (e.g. in a salad)

  2. Given this is how I prepare a salad:

    Cut vegetables and herbs

    Crush garlic and mix in (no waiting)

    Add lemon juice and vinegar and mix right away

    Season with salt and pepper

    Pour olive oil and mix right away

    Let sit refrigerated in air-tight container 5-10 minutes

    The salad is consumed at least 15 minutes after garlic is crushed, and it takes me another 15 minutes to finish eating the salad

    By that time (30 min after crushing) are the active compounds in the garlic (particularly allicin) preserved or completely lost?

  3. Will it make any difference if I mix the garlic in the oil first (to merely prevent oxidation), wait 10 minutes, mix in the acid, and pour everything over the salad right before serving?


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