I can modify the colors of carbons in Coot under Edit, Bond Colours..., but that only gives me different hues. Is there a way to change the color to something less-saturated (or perhaps slightly transparent) so I can identify the "active" molecule I'm working on versus a template?

The menus seem no help, I'm wondering if there's some scripting magic that can do this.

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    – Nick T
    Feb 2, 2012 at 21:20

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You could try other visual differences, like make what you're interested in ball-and-stick, and everything else wireframe, like in this example:

like on this example.

.... Because, from: http://www.ysbl.york.ac.uk/~lohkamp/coot/doc/coot-python.html

procedure: hilight_binding_site (imol, centre_residue_spec, hilight_colour, radius): hilight-colour is specified in degrees (round the colour wheel - starting at yellow (e.g. 230 is purple))

It looks from this like you only get to choose Hue (color_map_rotation) and not Saturation or Lightness, even with the script interface.

However, text can be full RGB

3.28.3 (set-font-colour red green blue)


red is an inexact number green is an inexact number blue is an inexact number


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