Normally when I draw or model something, I have a reference image. However, I want to draft a human-like creature for which there is no reference image, so I have to build it from scratch.

For some reason, not even wikipedia can give me just a basic average estimate, it just wastes paragraphs talking about centuries old attempts or flaws in recent ones instead of the specific ratios implied by its own reference images right next to those paragraphs.

I suspect average human proportions tend to the golden ratio, and this is true for some aspects like fingers in a hand, but for some reason I can't find any information about an entire arm, entire leg, abdomen and torso. It could be some lengths are exactly the same, it could be some lengths are the sum of others, it could be some lengths are the square root of two or exactly one half of others, I don't know, nothing specifies anything.

  • $\begingroup$ If biology somehow doesn't know, which site does? $\endgroup$ – user14554 Jan 17 at 0:08

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