Upon researching the organs of the body I have found that in every picture that I have seen the organs are of colour for example the kidneys are a light red colour. I understnad that our organs are made of specialised cells which form tissues which then form the organ which means that the organs themselves are made of cells. I researched what colour cells are and found that animal cells are transparrent and the ones that aren't such as the skin cells are due to certain chemicals such as melatonin or proteins such as red blood cells. My question is why are the organs still red even when removed from the body?

After reading that red blood cells cause the red colour of kidneys I then researched images of kidneys that have been flushed out to remove all blood cells and found that the kidneys were still red. Why are the kidneys still red even after being removed and flushed? Shouldn't they be transparrent?

Also why is dry skin white and once moisturised back to it's original colour if it is only down to melatonin?

Thank you in advance!

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    $\begingroup$ first one question at a time. second although most tissue is translucent not all tissue is,many materials in the body have natural colors. $\endgroup$ – John Jan 16 at 23:08

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