Can megadosing or supraphysiological dosing of Vitamin K2 (MK4; Menatetrenone) over prolonged periods of time cause an adult's bicondylar breadth, bizygomatic breadth or bitemporal breadth to grow from the calcification and possibly "extra mineralization" of normal or microfractured bone points?

By "extra mineralization" I mean like say you get punched in the face and the bone is damaged -- and then you take supraphysiological doses. There's a similar concept to this with people who practice fighting and their knuckles becoming larger or more pronounced from repeated damage and repair.

The extra step to this would be megadosing a bone metabolizing compound that helps the structure of bones and the possible calcium deposits to be handled via K-2 in high amounts in damaged bones.

Given this info I've also heard anecdotes of people on various forums that claim merely taking this supplement in very high doses has caused an increase in all of the aforementioned areas of the face.


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