After performing differential expression analyses with the Seurat package on my single cell RNA sequencing data from ILC2s of mouse origin, I generated a list of differentially genes. I afterwards used the Gene Ontology platform to generate a shorter list of genes whose proteins have been proven to be present on the surface of mouse cells. Is there a computational possibilty to predict interaction partners of these ILC2 surface genes present on the surface of mouse fibroblast cells?

Thank you in advance for your help.

  • $\begingroup$ Computational prediction of protein (not gene) interaction is REALLY hard and also requires known high resolution structures of both the surface proteins and any potential interactor. It might be more worthwhile for you to look for potential interactors of your genes/proteins using databses of (potential) protein-protein or pathway interactions (maybe even extending to homolouges in other e.g. human). $\endgroup$ – Nicolai Jan 25 at 9:42

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