Interesting Insect from Singapore. Around 0.5cm. Has 2 tiny pinchers at its tail. Insect is black for most part.

Please zoom in on scotch tape: enter image description here enter image description here


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This is an earwig, an insect in the order Dermaptera that has notably robust cerci.

enter image description here

Credit: Ron Yeo

Note that the name comes from an old wives' tale about these insects crawling into people's ears. They don't:

Earwigs do get their name from the belief that they climb into human ears while individuals are asleep, however, this belief is fortunately untrue

Based on the sexing rules indicated here, your specimen's relatively straight cerci might be an indication that you found a female.

Earwigs are found worldwide, and with about 2000 species (source), it'll be difficult to narrow this down to species. If you can get access to a local dichotomous key or other accurate insect ID guide, you might be able to narrow further.


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