Small skull found in Alberta, Canada. Do not know the region. Skull is about 17 mm in length. Trying to identify the species, narrowed it down to most like a species of vole but can't figure out which one. Below are pictures of the teeth under a dissecting microscope that we were using to ID, upper jaw and then lower jaw respectively.

upper jaw teeth

lower jaw teeth

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    $\begingroup$ Even experts can have a hard time identifying small rodent skulls. I think it usually comes down to looking at the teeth with a magnifying glass and comparing it to an index in some scientific publication. Knowing the range and habitat would be a huge help. In the meantime, my only suggestion is to first make a list of all the small rodents (particularly mice and voles) that are native to Alberta. After you've narrowed it down to those species, the next step would be to try and find a visual key you can compare it to and/or consult a small mammal specialist, Alberta wildlife agency, etc. https $\endgroup$ – David Blomstrom Mar 8 '19 at 23:09

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