We know that tobacco smoking is associated with a wide range of negative health effects in humans, which holds for active smoking, second hand smoking and probably even third hand smoking.

What are the effects of second hand smoke exposure on plants?

For example the german wikipedia page on nitrogen dioxide claims that exposure to nitrogen dioxide leads to reduced yield in apple and pear trees, white birch, barley and salad. It is also stated that first physical signs of alterations can be detected with one time exposure at levels as low as 3 ppb for less than one hour. However I cannot access the source because it is a book.

Bonus: How does cannabis smoke differ from tobacco smoke with respect to plant health?

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    $\begingroup$ Plants have varied reactions to smoke of different kinds, either to grow differently or to fall ill. this page says that tomatoes and peppermint contain nicotine and nicotine is used to treat plants, so the nicotine can't be that detrimental to them, but the other many smoke compounds can make them ill, but only in very high levels of smoke. takepart.com/article/2015/04/15/… $\endgroup$ – com.prehensible Mar 31 at 9:49
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    $\begingroup$ vidarholen.net/contents/junk/nicotine.html $\endgroup$ – com.prehensible Mar 31 at 9:50

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