For a gentle introduction to cholesterol and its functions, see a great answer on SE Biology

Whenever I read about how to deal with cholesterol level, the rule is to keep a low LDL fraction, ad a high HDL one.

How to achieve this usually falls into the categories of a healthy body (sport), a healthy diet and possibly medicamentation.

Since generally the advice is more or less the same for both goals (lowering one fraction and increasing the other one), I was wondering if there is a strong relationship between these fractions. In other words - is moving one in the right directions automatically drags the other one (also in the right direction)?

Anecdotally (and this is what triggered my question), I saw my LDL crash almost by 250% (not by chance but through a good diet, etc. - over a few months) and, surprisingly, the HDL go down by 30% as well.



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