So I am looking at determining the pressure needed to impale a person with an object of a given size and shape. To figure this out, I believe I need to know the tensile strength of skin, bone, and muscle, given that an impaling object needs to pass through all three. I have been able to find numbers for bone and skin's tensile strength, but not anything for muscle. I understand that this number isn't something easily tested, since no one is going to volunteer to be stabbed or impaled (and I'm not about to go test it on anyone!) However, I don't need an exact number, just an estimate for the purpose of my scenario problem. I don't know enough about biology to be able to come up with even a wild estimate myself. Can someone tell me what the tensile strength of muscle is, or, if no one knows for sure, could you perhaps give me an estimate, approximation, or even an informed guess? Thank you!

  • $\begingroup$ How is this not a similar question which is going to result in a similar answer? - It's only a difference of surface area. $\endgroup$ – Rob Apr 4 at 19:53

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