When I was walking in my garden at night I saw this small glowing insect, can you identify what is this insect?

Location: Middle-East Palestine

Size: Length about 1 CM

This image in the dark (see the light of the insect)

These images taken by flash.

enter image description here enter image description here

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Appears to be a larviform female firefly (order Coleoptera; family Lampiridae).

I cannot find a good source for listing/IDing Palestinian fireflies, so I unfortunately cannot give you a definitive answer. I do want to provide some of an answer and an example specimen to get you going on the path of accurately IDing your specimen.

To get you started, your specimen appears similar to Photinus bromleyi (seen here) and below:

enter image description here

Photinus are a group of North American fireflies, so not likely your species. According to firefly.org, the subfamily Luciolinae is found throughout Eurasia, while the genus Lampyris is a "wastebin taxon" used as a "catch all" for misfit fireflies that is found throughout the world. So I'd start looking in those groups.

I'll dig around for a more Palestinian-oriented bug guide. Again, this is not meant to be an exact answer but just a starting point for you or another user who might have access to Palestinian resources. I'll update if I find something definitive.


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