I found it in my computer but I don't know what it is

  • $\begingroup$ Please provide your location and the approximate size of the bug you found. Thanks. $\endgroup$ – theforestecologist Jun 5 '19 at 19:17

It appears to be a Boxelder bug, which are common in areas of North America with maples, ash, or other host trees:

boxelder bug (photo by Katja Schulz via Wikimedia Commons)

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    $\begingroup$ A hemipteran, yes, but the OP's specimen has quite different color patterns than the species you suggest. Can you explain the difference in colors or provide stronger support for why Boisea trivittata is the correct answer despite these morphological differences? $\endgroup$ – theforestecologist Jun 5 '19 at 19:22

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