Is there any known mechanism (provide a concrete example) in which RNA translation can occur at the same time as DNA transcription, concerning a single RNA strand? In other words, can a ribosome attach to a RNA strand that is currently undergoing elongation by RNA polymerase, and concurrently start protein synthesize?

I know the start codon and a 5' cap is necessary to start RNA translation. According to this diagram, it appears that both the 5' cap and the start codon will be accessible by the small ribosomal subunit after sufficient elongation, which theoretically means both processes could occur simultaneously.

  • $\begingroup$ 1. This sounds like homework. If so you are obliged to tag it as such. 2. You need to say whether you are talking about eukaryotes or prokaryotes. 3. Search the archive of this site. I am sure the question has been asked before. 4. We generally use the products as adjectives for these processes: RNA transcription (or transcription of DNA), protein translation (or translation of mRNA). $\endgroup$ – David May 20 at 19:29

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