I have a general idea about their difference that cerebrosides have a single sugar while globosides have more than one sugars.

enter image description here

This is the structure of a ceramide (syphingosine and a fatty acid linked through amide linkage).

It's not clear to me that do cerebrosides have a single monosaccharide on only one -OH group of the syphingosine, two monosaccharides on each of the two -OH groups, or one oligosaccharide on only one -OH group.

Likewise I am not sure if globosides have a single oligosaccharide on only one - OH group of syphingosine, or two monosaccharides on each of the two -OH groups, or two oligosaccharides on each of the two -OH group.

If you have any knowledge about this, please share. Thanks.


This is Encyclopedia about cerebroside enter image description here https://www.guidechem.com/dictionary_keys_cerebroside-p1.html and this is about globoside enter image description here https://www.guidechem.com/dictionary_keys_globoside-p1.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Globoside I hope this can help you.

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