I am trying to propagate some strains of bacteria (L.Plantarum, B.Subtilis, L.Rhamnosus, B.Longhum, B.Bifidum) in potato dextrose suspension for my own consumption. I would like some guidance, specifically optimum measures of ingredients to the broth, and any reccomended additional ingredients. I have seen some lab guides quoting measurements for analytical purposes but I am not sure what measurments to use for optimal propagation. I will mix ingredients using a blender, sterilise the mixture in a pressure cooker and then culture for 24 hours at 35 deg centigrade, making sure to agitate the mixture periodically. I have expereince of culturing food and drinks and am mindful of thigs like over fermentation and hygeine. I have a newly purchased ph meter for use as a periodic measuremt device and would like to become accustomed to its use during this process.

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