A week ago I've found an abandoned nest of paper wasps. It was quite small - something like 20 hexagonal cells covered by a half-dome made of few paper layers. Most cells were empty, but there were also 4 larvae of white colour. I've taken this nest home, but, since I had no proper box, I've put it to my bag and the dome was broken. I've taken the biggest larva out of its cell and put it into a box, near the remnants of the nest. The next day the larva was dead - at least I think so because it turned black. Other ones, sitting in their cells, were fine, then, but the day after they turned black as well.

My question is - can anyone assume why did they die? I mean they were perfectly fine when I'd found them - could it be the humidity or temperature change that killed them? I have absolutely no idea.

Sorry for the lack of photos =(


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