I have a wasp nest in a window store box. The nest seems to have grown to some respectable size as there is good wasp I/O during the day and you better close the window when moving the stores as there will be about 50 wasps angrily patrolling the area (also some dead/crushed wasps will be dumped outside to be picked up by the ants).

I wanted to take a guess at the nest size by counting wasps going in/out of the nest. Are there tables for doing that? It will evidently depend on time of day...

I know there is about 2-3 litres of space in the store box. It is badly constructed (i.e. "construct only", you can't repair it or open it properly - clown world gear) and I can't see the nest behind the spool for the store rope, just the wasp wandering around and ripping out the foam insulation:

wasp patrolling the approaches

Although a few years ago I opened everything and there quite some paper in there from an old nest. I also have direct view into the nest by endoscope through a 1cm borehole through the plastic cladding:

direct view into nest through the wall

There is a lot of activity, a lot.


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