I'm a very amateur entomologist (I'm actually just an old fat hippie that loves all critters).

I don't have any chops here, but I swear I've done my due diligence and tried to figure this out. I'm asking because I'm baffled. (Leg stripes are Arachnid-ish, but thorax is completely wrong ... I just dunno...)

My girlfriend sent me a pic; she swears these things were jumping out of a seasoned firewood pile and by her words "attacking".

Location: PA Pocono mountains, circa Kunkletown, heavily wooded area.

Now granted, there was a lot of drinking going on, it was "girls weekend out", and there was a hot tub. I wasn't there; so I cannot actually confirm what really happened... (Of course I wish I was there, but ... nevermind)

HOWEVER - here's a pic. You can't make this up. Or, at least, I'm not making this up ...

What is this critter? I think it's "insect" by the leg count I can see. But edumicate me; this is a new one to me and I'm very intrigued.

Many thanks best!

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Perhaps some sort of "wood cricket" based on rough taxonomy of the leg configuration, and it's penchant for jumping. Pure speculation.

enter image description here


I think I may have it. gOOgle terms "giant cricket wood tiger stripes" yielded very similar critters: So-called "Camel, Cave, or Cellar Cricket."

Order Orthoptera (Ensifera), Family Rhaphidophoridae.

Genus and Species will be next to impossible unless I can capture one, but obviously one of the North American varieties that like to hang out in damp decaying wood.

From the interwebs:

Camel Cricket

"Greenhouse" Camel Cricket


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