These are frames from a recent recording:

1 2 3 4


Urban area in Central Europe.

Abiotic factors at the time of recording

  • Temperature = 27°
  • Humidity = 51%
  • Wind = 16 km/h


  • Approximate size = 6 cm 4-5 cm
  • Elongated shape
  • Distinctive orange-ish abdominal segment near the end of the abdomen
  • 6 legs
  • One pair of wings (I think it's very possible that it has two pairs of wings, though, hard to see on the video or pictures)

Observed behavior

The insect seemed to be digging burrows in one of my pots (so far there are 3 holes in one pot and I also saw another burrow in a second pot). Every time I've seen it, it was alone so I assume it's not a social species.

Internet search

I ran these images through google search images and the results were (in order):

  • hymenopteran
  • insect
  • pest
  • carpenter ant

I think the closest match was the first picture but I wasn't able to get a specific species so I would appreciate any insight from experts on the matter.


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That is clearly a type of wasp. Some digging leads me to think it could be something in the genus Ammophila (a type of "thread-waisted wasp") for example Ammophila sabulosa:

Ammophila sabulosa — by: John Vallender — from: bwars.com —

However, 6 cm is huge for a wasp and twice the size of Ammophila sabulosa — are you sure about that length?


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