This is my first biology question. So I have some stable isotope data on a single species. This data looks similar to the demo data in the siar package for r which looks like this:

      d15NPl d13CPl
 [1,]  10.22 -11.36
 [2,]  10.37 -11.88
 [3,]  10.44 -10.60
 [4,]  10.52 -11.25
 [5,]  10.19 -11.66
 [6,]  10.45 -10.41
 [7,]   9.91 -10.88
 [8,]  11.27 -14.73
 [9,]   9.34 -11.52

I am curious what sort of analysis can be done with only a single species stable isotope data. I am used to creating food webs with multiple species data in a single area. Any ideas welcome. Feel free to ask for more details. Cheers

  • $\begingroup$ It all depends on what other data you have. stable isotope data is usually used as some sort of response variable. What kind of associated predictor variables can you get to go with the data? Spatial? Demographic? Time series? These kinds of data could be used to come up with interesting questions. $\endgroup$ – Isaac Jul 1 at 18:38

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