Some people have different sized feet [source], a limb that is slightly longer than the contralateral (on other side of the body) limb [source], or other instances of paired body parts being different sizes.

These size differences in paired body parts on the same individual is referred to as hemihypertrophy (or hemihyperplasia).

However, what is the terminology used to describe variation of shape/form of paired contralateral body structures?

  • In other words, what is the general term for contralteral asymmetry?

For example, some women's breasts are asymmetrically shaped ("breast asymmetry"), and some people's fingers are different shapes (for example, unilateral brachydactyly type D).

enter image description here

Source: Wikipedia

I assume a term other than "asymmetry" is used, but I have not come across any such generalized terminology.


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