Atlantic Goliath Groupers are fishes which produce unique low frequency sounds to mate and when approached by predatory fish . The sounds produced when approached by a predator (or even a scuba diver) are different from those produced whilst mating.

The problem is this fish is found only in the Atlantic. I'm specifically looking for fishes in the Indian ocean . Thank you for ur time :)


Here are some fishes produce alarm signals as sounds.

members of family Pamadasyidae-the grunts.

the family scaridae e.g.—Parrot fish.enter image description here

sea catfish Galeichthyes felisenter image description here

gafftopsail catfishenter image description here

Indian loachenter image description here

Trigger fishenter image description here

Epinephelus striatusenter image description here

For mor information see the link. http://www.fishfarmingtechniques.com/fish-structure/specialized-organs/sound-producing-organs/sound-producing-organs-in-fishes-specialized-organs-fisheries/13563

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