I want to extract egg shell membrane from the eggs. And I want to put them together and turn them into fluid so that I can make whatever shape I want. Is there any method that can make them into fluid?( like using acid or whatever)

+a egg shell membrane consist of collagen.


If egg shell membrane really consists of collagen - here is your answer: Cook it at 160 degrees Fahrenheit (=about 71 degrees Celsius) over a long period of time until it turns into a gel. I am pretty sure it will harden as soon as it is fully cooled down.

"collagen begins to melt at about 160F and turns to a rich liquid,gelatin"

"Denaturation of the collagen molecule is a kinetic process, and hence a function of both temperature and duration of heating. Cooking at low temperatures require long periods of time to liquify collagen."

Source: https://www.scienceofcooking.com/meat/slow_cooking1.htm


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