I have seen fake wasp nests sold as a deterrent against wasps and similar insects. Do they really work? Is there some scientific evidence for it?

A related link: http://www.scienceworld.ca/do-fake-wasp-nests-fool-wasps

  • $\begingroup$ I once heard someone who researches on wasps and he said that if you move the nest then the wasps get fooled and remain in the new location. I don't know about the fake wasp nests though. $\endgroup$
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Wasps are extremely territorial creatures. They also have great sight. Wasp colonies will send out foragers and scouts to look for uninhabited areas with food in which they can build a nest. Because wasps are so fiercely territorial, a scout wasp will generally stay away from an area with another colony already in it.

Because of this fact fake wasps nest works!!

Source: http://www.environmentalsociety.ca/main/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Fact-Sheet-Wasps.pdf

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