enter image description here Found this insect in Kolkata India. Has a sting at its rear end. The wings are shiny.

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That is a parasitic wasp in the family, Ichneumonidae. You can tell by looking for a cell in the forewing that looks like a horse head. The "stinger" is an ovipositor. These wasps lay their eggs in the larvae of other insects

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    $\begingroup$ I've been trying to work out which species of wasp in that family it is. Going by photos on projectnoah.org/spottings/17352592 it looks like this could be a female Xanthopimpla punctata ("Yellow Ichneumon Wasp"), but there seem to be a lot of very similar looking Xanthopimpla species it could also be. $\endgroup$ – Astrid_Redfern Dec 27 '19 at 16:47

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