I have heard of many instances of unmated spiders laying egg sacs which are, of course, incapable of developing.

Apart from a very few exceptions, female spiders release stored sperm from the spermathecae to combine with the eggs from the ovaries just prior to oviposition.

Are eggs released on some schedule regardless of whether the female has sperm available to fertilize them? Might she, for example, slow the process down while she waits for a mate?

  • $\begingroup$ females can carry eggs longer than 'scheduled' laying time... not just based on whether they have mated or not, but they would also delay laying their eggs if they are in an unstable / unfriendly environment. Only when they feel the conditions are "right" will they lay eggs, but they can also spill their eggs if they hold them too long. I really don't know if not mating factors more or less than the feeling of a safe environment $\endgroup$ – JimN Aug 25 at 5:29

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