At the risk of being blocked, I ask my question anyway.

In this Wikipedia article much is written about electrical muscle stimulation. I can imagine it helps with developing your stomach muscles. You don't get tired though. At least I think.

It also says that you don't lose weight. Maybe a tiny amount. Because the focus is centered on only one part of the body. Which I also can imagine. But recently saw someone writing on the physics SE site (I don't have the source, but just trust me) that you can't always rely on these articles.

Maybe it can let you lose weight when all muscles are stimulated at once (in which case you are strangely moving, I think) and feel tired afterward. I think you can stimulate your muscles better from the inside, instead of electrical stimulating some of them, while "relaxed" watching TV.

So I'm asking it here:

Can muscle stimulation make you lose weight?


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