I just watched this video on physarum polycephalum, aka the "blob" and noticed how it consumes white fungus. Could it do the same maybe with human toenail fungus?

blob eating white tree fungus

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    $\begingroup$ Thanks, of course :) The question was understandable though in layman terms, and that was the point. Science has to be inclusive and avoid scaring layman away. $\endgroup$ – giorgio79 Jan 20 '20 at 20:30

Toenail fungus is deep inside the toenail.

Physarum would probably love to eat delicious toenail fungus if it could get at it. But that fungus is down infiltrating the structure of the toenail itself, which is why topical treatments to the nail are (usually) ineffective at curing an infection with this fungus.

Toenails are durable and pretty impervious and the toenail fungus is safe down in there. Physarum is a detrivore and I do not think has the enzymes necessary to penetrate the toenail and get to the fungus. If it did I suspect it would be happy to eat toenail, fungus and all. I would not want to have something like that on my toe.


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