I have just been reading this excellent question and answer about cockroaches ability to withstand ionizing radiation. My question is an extension of that question: aside from insects, which other animals (if any) have an increased defence against ionizing radiation?

Are there species of plants, fungi, and bacteria also "immune"?

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    $\begingroup$ Deinococcus radiodurans (bacteria), tardigrades $\endgroup$
    Jun 28 '13 at 12:01

According to Paul Stamets, Gomphidius glutinosus is especially well suited to collecting Cesium-137:

G. glutinosus has been reported to absorb – via the mycelium – and concentrate radioactive Cesium 137 more than 10,000-fold over ambient background levels.

That article and Stamets' book Mycelium Running have more details on other species.


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