Several articles describe the unique ways Covid-19 patients are being buried.

For example, in this Reuters article about Israel:

These included decontaminating and hermetically wrapping bodies in double layers of polyethylene. For Jewish dead, ritual washing of the body would be conducted in one of four special stations in the country, the document showed.

And this LA Times article about Iran:

Nor are they wrapped in traditional white cloth. They are covered in hospital plastic, marking them as victims — both young and old — of the coronavirus.

People die from viruses all the time but I've never heard of victims being buried in this way. What is unique about Covid-19 ?


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The WHO guidelines for VHF victims (Ebola etc.) do say that they should be buried in body bags, and if those are not available, in plastic sheeting.

If body bags are not available, wrap the body in two thickness of cotton cloth and soak with 1:10 bleach solution. Then wrap the body in plastic sheeting. Seal the wrapping with plastic tape. Spray the body bag as in Step 3. Place the body in a coffin if one is available.

Obviously some are treating covid-19 victims with the same amount of caution. I can't tell you at the moment if this is justified or not.


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