Amyloid beta is thought to be toxic, however from a brief search, this is based on (1) in vitro (2) measurements of some proxies of toxicity (e.g. Ultrasensitive Measurement of Ca2+ Influx into Lipid Vesicles Induced by Protein Aggregates referenced in Wikipedia).

My impression is that we do not have any high-quality evidence that amyloid beta is toxic in vivo and that there is significant circumstantial evidence against it being toxic (links below). Is this correct?

  1. "30% of elderly people have #Alzheimers pathology (plaques &/or tangles) but no disease"
  2. There's an elderly woman with large amounts of amyloid plaques but no symptoms of Alzheimer's
  3. According to Derek Lowe "all of those amyloid-antibody trials have ended in grievous, expensive failures"

From a quick search, it seems that there is plenty of solid evidence for in vivo toxic effects. A couple of papers here and here.

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