I get that this is a sensitive topic, but please trust me, the very reason I'm asking is because I want to represent a people properly.

There's a video game where peoples of different ethnic backgrounds appear. Those people are automatically generated with full 3-dimensional models, that are to look realistic. It follows a simulated gene structure: there's about a hundred genes, for stuff like shape of the cheekbone, hip width, eye, skin and hair colour, et cetera; each with their own alleles, and they get inherited by offspring of those characters, so you get children that look like their parents, even when they are of mixed race.

Now, every "ethnicity" (e.g. Mongolian) in the game has a template determining the alleles that occur in that ethnicity's population. It is quite a clever system. And as I am modifying the game, I want to add a new ethnicity. Specifically, Native Mesoamerican. I want to go about this objectively; looking up photographs of Nahua people and eye-balling it from those references will not be very accurate, and it will not do justice to the people I want to put in the game. What I need is a dataset of anthropometry, of human phenotypes as found in a specific native population; of the exact way people commonly look. The more detailed, the better.

The best source I have found so far is the Handbook of Middle American Indians, of which the 9th volume deals with physical anthropology. However, the book is not fully digitally accessible, unlike its sister work, the Handbook of South American Indians. I am prepared to buy the book, but given that it is from the 1970's, and given that I like my wallet, I first want to ask if there's any open sources, and more modern ones, that people here know of.

And at risk of sounding even more insensitive: a comparative dataset or study of ethnicities beyond just Mesoamericans would be most helpful, because it allows for comparison with the ethnicities already in the game. That's why I'm asking the question generally.

Note: I'm new to this SE. I'm not sure if this question would be better suited here, or in Worldbuilding, or perhaps Open Data. Feel free to correct me.


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