I work at a start up company in a vivarium. My boss would like me to start working with MC38 Cells. I bought all of the equipment (recommended by a colleague) and should be ready for the cells. Could anyone recommend a good place to learn how to do this fast? He has surprised me and already ordered the cells. I do have some knowledge on the subject ( from bachelors degree in Biology), but it is not enough. I need somewhere that can teach me even the little steps. I have tried looking at scientific papers, but they typically skip over much of the steps that are common knowledge (to most).


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Edit: Similar questions have been asked before: Textbook/lab manual for mammalian cell culture

Cell culture reagent/consumables suppliers can have good step by step recommendations for how to use their products. For example Thermo has some guidelines that you may find helpful. Specifically, cell culture maintenance would seem to be helpful.

These folks also have what superficially look like good resources.

Reviewing MC38 culture requirements is also always a good idea.

Good luck!


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