A question to the folks who studies Alzheimer's disease here.
My colleagues and I have developed a new program that predicts the master regulators based on transcriptomic changes (yes, another one). We have applied it to Alzheimer's disease RNAseq datasets and we have identified several potential master regulators. We are planning on doing experiments to validate these hits; however, prior to experiments we would like to do additional computational validations of our predicted hits so that we can prioritize which ones to test first. I have been googling a lot and I found surprisingly few datasets on Alzheimer's disease that I could use for validations: specifically, I found clinical association data and GWAS hits. Any suggestions? What is your favorite Alzheimer's dataset and/or what dataset do you think is suitable for me? Ideally I would want to find something like RNAseq of cell lines with individual gene knock downs, but I don't think data like this exists for Alzheimer's.
Thank you!


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