How do humans detect the distance of sound? For example if my phone is ringing in the other room how do I know that it's in the other room and not beside me?

I am planning on developing a software to do the same.

This is the only stuff I have found on the internet->

  1. Humans detect echo to calculate distance of source of sound. Farther away the source more is the echo.
  2. Loudness of noise may also play a role.

Most of the research is psychological and does not explain the exact technical aspects of and calculations done by the brain.

  • $\begingroup$ Hiya, this is an acoustics question. The brain can pick up reverberations of a sound from different objects. it can also measure the directionality of the sound as it bounces agains many walls and arrives as an unfocused signal through a doorway. The higher frequencies are faster absorbed by reverberations although they provide more directionality information, and the LFreq ratio rises soundwaves are due to HF being dampened by ambient air pressures and obstructions. best to ask on the DSP forum here or on reddit for that kind of programming task. $\endgroup$ – aliential Jul 2 at 14:06

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