Protein contact maps are symmetrical and look great, but how does one read one?

I tried to underside the following source: 'Understanding contact patterns of protein structures from protein contact map and investigation of unique patterns in the globin‐like folded domains' Journal of Cellular Biochemistry (Pay-wall) .. but it has proven to be difficult to understand.

For illustrations, subfigure 1.A is an example of a 'Protein Contact Map':

enter image description here

Could someone explain or are there other useful texts I could use?

  • $\begingroup$ Im a biochemist, and I never use these.. That being said, I think there is plenty of information on the web on this - do a youtube search for lectures or simply click through the first few hits on google. Search 'what are protein contact maps', it should give you plenty to read or listen to.... In general, I find youtube to be a very good source of basic explanations! For a very basic explanations (i.e. introductions), articles tend to be overcomplicated. $\endgroup$ – CuriousTree Sep 6 '20 at 10:55

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