In preparation for my exam in fisheries and aquaculture, I looked through last years exam (with an answer sheet) and stumbled upon this multiple-choice question that I can't figure out how to solve.

The question is:

1000 kg fish is produced with an FCR of 0.9 on a diet with 42% protein. ADC for protein is 0.9. The amount of N retained in the fish, excreted in dissolved form, and excreted in solid form is

The possible answers:

27.2 kg retained N, 39.3 kg dissolved N, and 7.4 kg solid N.

27.2 kg retained N, 33.3 kg dissolved N, and 6.7 kg solid N.

27.2 kg retained N, 27.2 kg dissolved N, and 6.1 kg solid N. (correct)

27.2 kg retained N, 22.4 kg dissolved N, and 5.8 kg solid N.

27.2 kg retained N, 45.5 kg dissolved N, and 8.1 kg solid N.

So I know what the answer is, but not how to calculate it.

Thanks in advance.

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