I found this study that seems to claim that whey protein is better for your vascular health than casein protein: https://www.essentialnutrition.com.br/media/artigos/hiwhey/1.pdf

Sure, it seems to be funded by an organization that represents the dairy industry, but I reckon that's why it focuses entirely upon milk protein. I wondered if a similar study has been done on other types of protein, and after a while, I found a quote in this article that claims that plant protein is superior to meat protein for vascular health: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/08/150827083651.htm

Do we know why this is? I know meats and milk have a complete amino acid profile while plants do not. So, why does plant protein do a better job with vascular health than meats? I mean, meats contain all the amino acids that plants provide.

Which books/articles should I read to understand how different proteins and amino acids impact vascular health?


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