We've got a couple of these plants but have no idea how to look after them. Watering them regularly (every 2-3 days, or when the soil seems dry) seems to help. The pot rims are about a foot at their widest part.

However, we're concerned about the lower leaves drying up. Is this a normal part of this plants growth process and does it continue this way and produce a 'trunk' of sorts?

As a follow on question, do we need to re-pot these plants?

enter image description here


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I may be wrong, but I believe these are two Foxtail Agaves (Agave attenuata). These resources may help you take care of them.

Foxtail Agave Care Information

And for the wilted leaves: How to Save a Dying Agave Plant

Also, the Gardening SE may be able to help more.

Hopefully this helps!

Foxtail Agave


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