I am learning myology and encountered 2 problems in tetanus and summation:

  1. Unfused tetanus is just a continual summation of twitches if I am not mistaken. However, is it a MUST for summation / unfused tetanus to constantly increasing muscle tension from the photo (the graph) i.e. is this the definition?

Since we are in unfused tetanus when we hold something, and I can’t feel my biceps are constantly increasing in contraction / tension. (to my understanding, complete tetanus is when we are lifting up very heavy things only as it utilizes too much ATP) enter image description here

  1. Can I say the muscles are in tetanus during contracting (lifting), and also in tetanus during constantly contracted state (keep the thing holding up) Since tetanus is just a frequent action of sliding filaments, which is common in both actions?

Also, during tetanus, I don’t need to shorten my muscles anymore (just holding something still), but myosin heads are still power-stroking to shorten the sarcomere/muscle, may I ask how to explain this?

Thank you very much.


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