I would like to identify this succulent. It has been bought from store (in central Europe), I don't know where is it originally from. It was about 8cm high and white. Its leaves were covered with something like very soft fur.

Unfortunately, the plant is already dead. I have only this one blurry photo of it.

unknown white succulent

I've tried some automatic plant identification apps, but with no success.

EDIT: Even partial answer would be helpful. If you have an idea in which family it could belong, I could make my search easier.

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    $\begingroup$ without a better picture you are unlikely to get an identification. your best bet is to search a bunch of succulents for sale and see if you see something similar. $\endgroup$ – John Sep 30 at 12:21
  • $\begingroup$ Furry leaves makes me think it could be something like Kalanchoe tomentosa, but your picture isn't really consistent with that idea. There are many "furry" succulents and your picture is far too blurry for even a tentative identification to be possible. Your only real hope is to follow the suggestion from @John and see if you can find something similar. Good luck! 😊 $\endgroup$ – tyersome Sep 30 at 18:37

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