In the book "The Kaizen Way" by Robert Maurer, I've read the following:

When we’re sitting, our muscles go into a form of hibernation, causing our bodies to shut down the enzyme (called KK1) that breaks down some of the fat in the blood.

However, when I tried to google "KK1 enzyme", I got nothing about any enzyme. I mean, I got this website and this article, but they don't contain the name "KK1" at all.

What was meant by that? Is it scientifically accurate?

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    $\begingroup$ KK1 is a putative potassium channel blocker in the venom of the Manchurian scorpion, but I couldn't find any evidence for a mammalian KK1 protein of any function, let alone fat metabolism. $\endgroup$ – MattDMo Oct 9 '20 at 21:29
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    $\begingroup$ Sounds as if he has no idea what he is talking about. I'd trash the book immediately. $\endgroup$ – David Oct 9 '20 at 22:02

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