I'm confused about where to position in the hierarchy of the levels of organization of living things, the coacervate in the context of Oparin-Haldane's theory of the origin of life. In short, according to such levels of hierarchy, where should a coacervate be put into?.

According to the Wikipedia entry, a coacervate is an aqueous phase rich in macromolecules. Upon further reading the article mentions that there are membrane-less organelles which are biomolecular condensates.

But does this counts as to say it is situated in the supramolecular or in the organelle level?. The article doesn't say specifics other than forming droplets. Can it be considered at par with a virus?.

Can some help me to clear these definitions?. I'm confused because the word droplet implies that it doesn't have any other distinct or specialized function, it seems to imply that they are only held together by weak bonds and nothing else.

Is there a reference or something? Can someone help me here?


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