I want to double check that I'm reading these respirometer vials correctly. The volume O2 of the following vials should be:

Squirrels in Torpor:

E1: 0.4 E2: 5.0 E3: 0.3 E4: 5.1 E5: 0.4 E6: 0

Squirrles at Stable body temperature in rewarming phase:

E1: 90.3 E2: 85.1 E3: 85.3 E4: 90.4 E5: 90 E6: 0

Right? Image below

enter image description here

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No, you're misreading the scale several times. The scale divisions indicate "tenth of ten" = one, while you sometimes misread them as "tenth of one" = 0.1.

For example:
E2 is correct as 5.0
E1 is just one mark less and should be 4.0 instead of 0.4.

(Remark: I don't know, whether to read the scale at the right or left side of the green part - I trust you using the right side)


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