A scientist from Harvard, David Sinclair, has a few videos, a book and some papers on the topic of ageing. Particularly, I've seen this video a couple of times where he explains their discoveries on the biochemistry of ageing.

  1. The first part of the talk (min 6 to 20 or so) is about why do we age,
  2. the rest to how to reset ageing.

As to why do we age, he postulates it's because of broken chromosome(s) disrupting the spatial structure of DNA/other chromosomes, and consequently the expression of genes.

[The chromosome-lysis could be due to UV rays or ROS, or any other cause.]

He also claims methylation has to do with ageing and that it is a measure of ageing (18:00). But DNA methylation is a mutation and is changing the DNA sequence more than the epigenome.

My question here is: Is chromosome-lysis actually proven to be the main factor why we/mices age? How does methylation fits here?


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