I am asking this question because it is hard to prove non-existence (of better data):

I am searching for a good RNA-binding motif database that is as up-dated as possible and covers motifs for as many proteins (RBPs) as possible.

I am mostly interested in motifs that are derived from RNAcompete (i.e. data from this paper) and SELEX, CLIP motifs would also be nice.

After some research I found that ATtRACT looks like the best source. According to my analysis, it covers 77 proteins from RNAcompete- data and 27 proteins from SELEX-data.

Background: I am not interested in a single protein, I need as many different proteins as possible. I am asking this question to make sure I don't have to repeat my analysis, if reviewers say my sources are too old.

  • $\begingroup$ PS: I was not sure whether to ask this question in Biology or Bioinformatics. $\endgroup$ – KaPy3141 Mar 1 at 10:45

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